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Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact us for additional details or questions you may have.

How long does it take?

Typically takes 6 hours for the repair.

What do I need to do the day it's being repaired?

Remove all personal belongings from the bathroom.

How long before I can use my shower/tub again?

You can use the tub the day after resurfacing.


How far do you travel from the Crossroads area?

Typically 40 miles, we can accommodate for locations outside of the 40 mile radius for a fee.


What are the surfaces you can refinish?

  • Porcelain Tubs and Sinks

  • Fiberglass Tubs and Sinks

  • Cast Iron Tubs

  • Claw Foot Tubs

  • Cultured Marble Tops and Surrounds

How soon can you begin work?

Typically 5-7 business days, sometimes sooner.


What type of reglazing material do you use?  

We utilize acid-etching surface preparation for outstanding adhesion, and the highest quality acrylic-urethane topcoats for years of outstanding durability.


Should I refinish my bathroom fixture before or after remodeling my bathroom?

Go ahead and complete the remodeling, then we will tape and cover all surfaces before repairing the fixture."

How much money can I save by bathtub resurfacing?
Bathtub replacement costs thousands of dollars, resurfacing costs only a few hundred.


Is the tub reglazing surface durable?
With proper care, the new surface should easily last 10-15 years.


Will the new surface scratch easily?
The coating is designed to resist scratches and look good for many years.


Will my bathtub reglazing be easy to clean?
Yes. Simply use a mild soap and wipe with a soft cloth. 


Will my tub look "painted"?
Your tub will resemble new porcelain.


Do you fix chips or cracks in my tub?
Yes. No need to replace it! We repair chips, cracks and holes.

What colors are available?
All Kohler and American Standard colors.

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