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Bathtub Refinishing/Resurfacing

For dull, chipped, worn, cracked, out-dated color or tubs needing a little TLC, resurfacing could be the most economical solution to consider. Resurfacing allows you to get many more years of service out of the tub and fixtures, while bringing value to your home. We pride ourselves on making it difficult for our customers to tell the difference between the original and resurfaced fixture.

The process is rapid and we use all necessary safety precautions to ensure a timely return to service. Typically, the process takes about 5-6 hours and an additional 24 hours of curing before the fixture can be used again.

Besides bathtubs we also refinish tile, countertops, and sinks made from fiberglass, acrylic, and porcelain.

for the Victoria, TX and Crossroads area.
refinishing bathtub, tile, sinks
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