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Bathtub Repair

Is your bathtub or sink in need of a repair and not a total refinishing? We can provide long lasting solution to cracks and knicks in your bathtub or sink. Repairing is a smart investment when the rest of the fixture is in relatively good condition.  

To perform the repair(s), we start by filling in the cracks with a waterproof polymer cement, carefully sand and coat with a 2-component polyurethane coating. These hard, durable coatings will blend in with the remaining tub and only the trained eye will be able to identify the repair.  

We repair fiberglass, claw foot, acrylic, and porcelain tubs and sinks, and warranty our work. Our repairs will add many more years of service to your fixture.

for the Victoria, TX and Crossroads area.
refinishing bathtub, tile, sinks
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